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Since 1963,Shanghai institute of Physiology Chinese Academy of Science started the research work of myoelectric prostheses in P.R.China.Professor Luo Yongzhao is the leader of this research group...

  On World Congress exhibition ISPO 1...
Professor Luo was invited to gave l...
Professor Luo gave education cause ...
This is the first myoelectric arm p...
Keshen developed a high speedy whol...
First generation of myoelectric han...
In 2002, P & O magazine report with...

  Electric Arm for Very Short Forarm Amputee
  Myoelectric hand with Multiple Control Modes
  IMT-2 Intelligent Myoelectric Trainer
  Operate Computer By Myoelectric Hand
  Anti-eletromagnetic Interference from Mobile Phone
  Keshen Intelligent Myoelectric Arm
  Proportional Control Myohand
  KS-Bionic Hand
  2D Thumb Myoelectric Hand
  Short Myoelectric Hand with Two Degree Of Freedom Suitable For Most Forarm Amputee
  The brief introduction of kesheng

        Developed KS-Bionic hand(
        Developed shortest myoele
        Keshen invented to operat
        Develop the myoelectric a
        Developed myoelectric han
        Developed first intellige
        Developed first intellige
        Developed first myoelectr
        Developed first myoelectr
        started research work of

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